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How Often Should I get Massage

I have been practicing massage for ten years now, and this is a very popular question, and it does have different answers.
If you are active and exercise regularly, you don’t experience any chronic pain I will suggest 1-2 times per month to manage stress and general body maintenance.

If however, you have been experiencing, for example, chronic neck and shoulder pain from working 40 hours a week at your desk job then that would be different. What I have discovered is I will see a client 3 times in a row, about 3-4 days apart and they will report a longer lasting relief of pain. The feedback I get goes something like this, after massage one “the pain was gone for a day or so” Massage two “It lasted a couple days but then came back” Massage three “I really didn’t notice as much pain this week”. It is a slow process that will make a difference when you are consistent. The next step is once a week for two weeks and then we will ween off until you are back to 1-2 times a month for maintenance.
Some of the people I have worked with have had pain from years of repetitive body mechanics like desk jobs, driving all day, massage therapist, hairstylists. You get the picture, right?
Any job that keeps you in the same position for 8 or more hours a day.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability for fix years of stress on the body with one or two sessions. What I can do is work with you to pinpoint the pain and work on what muscle imbalances you have and together help you make lasting changes. Massage is not, however, a miracle cure. Being consistent with your massage visits and doing your homework will help you make permanent changes over time.
What kind of homework?
I recommend things like ice, heat, stretches, strengthening and sometimes other therapies.

Massage can also help with injuries, stress reduction, speed healing after some surgeries and the list goes on and on.
Each session should be customized to your specific needs. There is no one Massage for everyone.
You want to find a therapist that will listen to your needs and not come in with their agenda.
There is nothing wrong with shopping around for a therapist that fits you.
Massage is a very intimate therapy. It is a very vulnerable feeling to lay undressed on a table and have a person you don’t know manipulate your muscles.
So be picky, find the person you feel comfortable with that will listen and is passionate about helping you reach your health goals.


January 5, 2019

Jennifer Oulds, Owner of Massage and Spa at Bethany