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Living your life on purpose

How are you feeling each day when you wake up?
Do you wake up to the alarm and dread the start of a new work day and wish it was Saturday?
Do you consider calling in sick every morning?
How about starting your day stressed about all the tasks you have lined up?
How am I going to get all this done? Rush to get ready and out the door to sit in traffic and feel frustrated?

That is how I used to start my day. Doesn’t sound like a fulfilled and joyful life at all does it?
So, how do we reach that level of fulfillment in such a demanding society?

Most of my life I have searched for happiness in things that are external. My family, jobs, relationships, a better house a newer car.
That is what society tells us. If you just get this new thing you will be happy, If you have a perfect relationship, that will bring you joy. Have kids that will fix everything. Work longer and harder and you will be able to acquire the things that will bring you contentment.
I can enjoy life when I retire.

What are we waiting for??
Who said we had to have all these “things” to have happiness?
Ask yourself this question, what do I want most in life?
Most people will say, to be happy. Then list things they believe will bring them that happiness,

What if you could live your life on purpose?
Wake up with intention, create your life instead of letting it happen.
Feel happy now! Feel love every day.
Like when you were a child and you would wake up with wonder and excitement.

What is happiness?
I know it to be a feeling inside.
Think of a time when you have been happy about something.
It was a feeling, right?
How about tapping into that feeling whenever you want to?

I have changed the way I think about my day and my life.
We are in charge of our thoughts so, why not make them happy?

I now start my day like this,
The alarm goes off, and I lay in bed a few minutes and think about the things I am grateful for.
This nice warm bed I am in, how amazing it is that I get to start a new day and that the possibilities are endless, Taking time to notice how that makes me feel inside.
When I grab a cup of coffee, I take a moment to smell it and experience that first taste.
Shower time! Have you ever let yourself just experience a shower? I used to spend that time planning out my day in my head. Instead of just being in the shower. I feel the warm water on my skin and enjoy the smell of the soap. Don’t just shampoo your hair, turn it into a scalp massage.
It’s about being present, notice your life. Stop letting it happen and participate.
Make a decision to be happy right now. You CAN do that.

Let’s talk traffic for a minute.
I have always hated traffic and have had what my kids liked to call road rage. I was impatient and would yell and scream about anything I felt was an infraction.
A lot has changed in the last year for me.
While sitting in traffic, I just turn up my music and enjoy the down time. If its good weather then even better. Windows rolled down and sing my heart out.
Looking back at it now, I have no idea why I was so angry.
We are all in this together. Trying to survive and find some peace and happiness along the way.

I’m not saying I never have challenges or bad days.
I am a massage therapist who is half owner of a spa. I work hard and then it’s usually groceries, cooking, laundry. Don’t forget exercise and self-care.
For me, it’s about finding joy in everything I do.
I usually like to set some intentions for my day.
Some examples: Put Love into everything I do today
Eat healthy
Smile at strangers
Stay in a creative flow

Your intention can be anything you want to accomplish for the day.
Mix it up, be creative with your life.
What do you have to lose?
I can tell you what I have lost…
I have lost lots of anxiety, anger, frustration, pain, sadness.
I still have these feelings, but it is on a much smaller scale.

Take some time to sit and create your day.
When you wake up tomorrow, make it real!


August 6, 2016

Jennifer Oulds, Owner of Massage and Spa at Bethany