Fully Balanced

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a 60-minute massage and a 60-minute Reiki session. Balance your energy and your muscles in this 2-hour experience. A 60-minute massage with your choice of pressure to relax the body and decrease muscle tension. Your therapist will also use hot towels to increase circulation. Your Reiki session includes essential oils and the ultimate in relaxation, pain relief and sense of overall wellbeing. $150

A 60-minute Reiki session will calm the mind and balance your energy for a complete body, mind and soul experience. Weather you are looking to destress or relieve chronic pain. Reiki is the most calming and relaxing of therapies that provides relief from pain as well as stress. This session also includes aromatherapy.


If you are new to Reiki, we recommend a guided meditation before your session This will help you identify where you are holding stuck energy in your body. The meditation will take you through the 7 main Chakras. You may feel, more or less energy in certain area. When you go into your Reiki session you can discuss this with your practitioner, so they can help balance that energy. Balancing Chakras can help prevent pain and illness in the body. They usually become imbalanced from chronic stress and emotional situations.