Elli Magden, LMT

Oregon License #LMT-25146

Elli grew up on the East Coast and spent years traveling all over the country before falling in love with and settling in the PNW. Originally choosing to study psychology at The Evergreen State College, Elli was fascinated to understand how each individual interacted with the world around them as well as how mind and body interact with one another. This passion was a driving factor in their subsequent decision to journey into massage. They graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts with training in both Eastern and Western modalities and a special focus on Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation, and Thai Massage. They have since had training in Craniosacral Therapy, as well as taken courses in aromatherapy. Elli believes deeply that health and wellness begin first with taking the time to slow down and reconnect the mind with body, and caters each massage uniquely to their client’s specific needs. Elli believes that it is the unique privilege of a massage therapist to be able to act as a guide and a conduit on their client’s journey to healing and personal wellness. –No matter what your wants or needs on the table may be, Elli has the skills and the desire to maximize your relaxation and improve your quality of life.