Lindsay Schrack, LMT

Lindsay Schrack, Massage Therapist

LMT 25724

Before becoming a licensed massage therapist in September of 2018, I spent over two decades in the retail/merchandising industry from Hawaii (where I grew up) to Oregon, Alaska, Indiana, and back to Oregon.  The physical work engaged my body, and sales/customer service engaged my mind, however I wasn’t happy.  Shortly after my son’s first birthday I realized I was going to need a career that not only supported us financially, but also showed my son that it’s possible to love what you do for work.

As I was surfing the web one night, an ad popped up for the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics in Alexandria, Indiana. The feeling of having butterflies in my stomach hit me, and I knew if I didn’t apply to this school right now, I would regret it. So, I applied, they accepted me and each day I attended school with that same excited feeling in my gut.

Even after more than two years into my massage therapy journey, each day at work I feel that tingle of gratitude and excitement that my job is to help clients make a mind/body connection for better health!